CoroBot Adventures Beta

We’re happy to announce that the playable beta of CoroBot Adventures is out now!

The current version is 0.2 and we’re currently working on a few much-needed updates and bug fixes. We’re also working on adding more content and discussing our next step. As always, we’d like to hear your feedback.

You can play the game here on the Facebook game portal, or go here to the game site to view other info about it. Also, you can read the list of bugs and known issues in the current version here, or report bugs on the game site above.

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CoroBot Adventures – Music Preview

I’ve been lucky to work alongside a group of skilled and talented individuals on this project since its inception. I’d like to introduce you to some of the music our very awesome audio director, Michael Sechrist, has been creating for CoroBot Adventures. I met Mike while working at Microsoft a few years ago where we shared a common interest in creating our own games. It wasn’t long after that we formed Shipwreck Game Studio. The rest is history – here we are now, finishing up our first professional title!

Please share comments and feedback on Facebook/Twitter and enjoy the preview! :)

CoroBot Adventures Music Preview

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CoroBot Adventures – About the Game

Hey all, here’s the summary of our game for all who have asked me to explain it to them in person. I think this just about sums it up better than I can usually explain.

CoroBot Adventures is an exploration and collection game inspired by Spelunker, Minesweeper, Mr. Driller, Miner Dig Deep, Spelunky, and others. It’s a 3rd-person 3D-platformer type game which runs in-browser through the Unity 3D engine/tool suite and also through Facebook, enabling us to use their platform’s social medium for posts, leaderboard, etc.

The player controls a CoroBot who can use a drill, an extractor, and lay bombs. You use these 3 abilities to navigate through multi-level stages, blow up walls, find treasure and artifacts, and descend lower into the stage (where better treasures can be found).

The goal of the game is to explore all locations in the world and bring back artifacts to the command center. There are other goals that we’re planning, such as rescue missions. We’ve also planned for more areas to explore as we update the game, and we’re always taking suggestions on places you would like to see.

Our first area to explore is an Aztec pyramid close to the ruins of the old capital of Tenochtitlan. We should have a sneak peek of the area available in the near future. Until then, rock on.

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dev blog back online

The dev blog is back (finally!) and we’re going to start talking about our game, CoroBot Adventures.

We’ve been working on it for a while now (since last September) and haven’t really had much of a chance to post anything about the development.

Originally, we wanted to post as we were making the game, but that didn’t happen, so we’re going to try and re-cap what we’ve been doing.

We’ve recently been ramping up and are hoping to release soon, so check back again soon as we’ll have more announcements to make.

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